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Top 7 Best Places to Sell Icons Online

vectplus - July 13, 2017 - 0 comments

Icon design is a lucrative business. Designers make thousands of dollars a month selling their icons on different platforms. However, unlike other branches of graphic design like logo design and t-shirt design, the choices are limited to find a good place to sell icons; Moreover, not all designers could withdraw money to PayPal which makes the choices more restricted.

In this blog post, we tried to handpick the top 7 websites every icon designer should know about to sell icons online with details about their payment methods and commission system. Selling your icons on different marketplaces gives the opportunity to freely expand your customer base and to increase your income significantly.

So, let’s get started 🙂

Best Websites to sell icons Online




Iconfinder now hosts the worlds largest collection of premium icons.

Iconfinder has been around since 2007. For the time I’m writing, The Danish website hosts more than 1.7 million icons, created by designers like you.

Unlike other websites, Iconfinder doesn’t allow submitting single icons, but icons must be organised in a set of similar style/topic.

You are free to set the price of your icons. the price of a single icon range from 1$ to 5$ and for an entire icon set there is no limits. But keep in mind that you’ll get 70% of the revenue.

You can request payment when you reach the minimum payout: 100$, Iconfinder will pay you through one of the following payment options:

  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Wire Transfert


Sell Icons on the noun project

TheNounProject is another huge marketplace to sell icons. Unlike Iconfinder, the site allows single icon submission and collection submission. TheNounProjet accepts only black icons in SVG format.

You can’t set your own price, but the buyer can choose between 4 different business models:

  • Single purchase: the customer purchase a single icon for 1.2$.
  • API usage: the buyer uses your icon through the noun project API; you earn 0.02$.
  • Subscription: the customer is already a NounPro member; you get 0.08$ for each used icon.
  • Free download: you earn nothing but the customer must link back to your icon link.

Payments are processed automatically at the beginning of each month whenever your cumulated earnings reach the minimum payout: 10$. The only payment option available is Paypal.


Sell icons on GraphicRiver

GraphicRiver is no doubt the world’s largest graphic design marketplace. it’s a part of the Envato group. You can sell anything from business cards to flyers and from logo templates to icons.

The site allows to upload large icon sets, but they got a tough review process before your icons got approved. So, make sure to upload only quality icons, and follow their submission guidelines carefully.
You can set your own price and you’ll get up to 70% for each item sold depending on your author plan (exclusive or non-exclusive).
The great thing about GraphicRiver is that it allows withdrawal through various methods:

The minimum payout is 500$ through wire transfer and 50$ for the other methods. Payment is made in the middle of each month.


Sell Icons on CreativeMarket

The great thing about CreativeMarket is freedom! Once your application to open a shop is accepted, your items will be listed immediately in the store and there is no approval process like all the above-listed websites. You can also arrange your big icons collections in bundles, run discounts and more.
Whatever price you specify, you’ll get 70% from each sale.

CreativeMarket pays through PayPal and wire transfer, Either way, the minimum payout amount is 20$.


Sell Icons on Flaticon

Before you become an author at Flaticon, you should submit at least 70 items for review. Once approved, you can start sending your icons to a Flaticon coordinator through email. You earn money for each downloaded icon, and you can withdraw through Skrill or Paypal.

You earn money for each downloaded icon, and you can withdraw through Skrill or Paypal.
Although it’s a great platform for iconographers to sell their icons online, Flaticon has a tough validation process. They only accept high-quality items.


Sell Icons on UI8

UI8 is a curated marketplace. You can apply here to become an author and start selling your icons there.They give great returns; you’ll earn 70% commission on individual sales and 90% on exclusive products. The minimum payout is 100$ and payment is processed every month.


Sell icons on dreamstime

Dreamstime is primarily used by photographers to sell their photos, but the site has largely expanded to become a universal platform for selling not only photos but also illustrations, videos, icons and audio files.

To understand how much you can earn from your icons, please refer to Dreamstime’s official guide.

The minimum payout is 100$ and you can choose from one of the following withdrawal options:

  • Payoneer Debit Card
  • Paypal
  • Skrill
  • Wire transfer to your bank account


If you’re struggling to monetize your icons, try out the websites listed above and remember the more you expand the market, the more you’ll reach a larger customer base thus more profits.

We’d be happy to see your comments below if you got any suggestion or website you want to add to the list.

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